You're Not Alone

I made a new friend yesterday. His name is Sean. He is 5. He came into the bakery with his mommy to buy a doughnut, but we had just sold the last one. When he found out that we had none his smile turned upside down and the tears were about to flow. I walked out from the kitchen just as this whole scene was unfolding and I asked why he had such a sad face in a bakery. His mom and my retail manager who knows the family well explained what was wrong. I said don’t be ridiculous, if they had a little while to wait, we would quickly bake him some fresh doughnuts as I knew we had batter!

While his doughnuts were in the oven he and I were talking about having Celiac disease. He was amazed to know that HE WAS NOT THE ONLY ONE with Celiac Disease! He had never met anyone else. He said he knew other people with problems with gluten, and whispered that they have “problems with their number twos “ but he is the only one with “real celiac disease".

So sad really that a five-year-old is walking around thinking he is alone with this disease. We strive to create a space where children learn that they don’t feel left out and that they can feel just like “the other kids”. They are not alone.

And, he got two top 8 free doughnuts covered in chocolate with multicolored sprinkles.

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