I remember back to school time with my now grown children as one of excitement and wonder: who will be my teacher(s), who will be in my classes, will I have homework on the first night, what color notebook should I get, what should I wear my first day....

For parent of children with food allergies, the beginning of school is filled with a whole different kind of nervous excitement and questions; will my child be safe? Is my 504 plan in place? DID EVERYONE READ THE 504 PLAN!?!?!? Will the other parents pay attention to the teacher's/principal's letter home from school informing them of my child's allergies???

If you haven't already discovered them, a wonderful site for school information, in addition to is  Look at their websites and their Facebook and Instagram and twitter pages. They both have very helpful information for navigating school policies and federal and state policies.

Here at Allie's GF Goodies we listen to parents ad children every day. We have spent the summer meeting with a lot of new customers both in-store and online.  We have met several children who have never had the opportunity to actually visit a bakery due to severe allergies.  We have shown and explained to the parents that we are here to try to help make school and activities a little less anxiety provoking.

To begin with, our products are school approved, and are on the list. We are CERTIFIED Peanut, tree nut , dairy, gluten, shellfish, and fish free. We are actually certified gluten free by two different agencies: Gluten Intolerance Group, and Kitchens with Confidence.  

We are ALWAYS strictly FREE FROM: Coconut, Sesame, Pea Protein, Legumes. AND, we are CERTIFIED KOSHER by the ORTHODOX UNION.  We never use soy flour, or any kind of bean flour or seed flour. we only use soy in our cheesecake products, which counts for less than 15% of our products, and are done in separate bowls with separate utensils.  We specialize in all things egg free.  In fact, anything we make, we make egg free as well!!! Again, in separate bowls with separate utensils, even in a s separate oven!

Everything that we package for school has all of our certifications on each individual package, plus the ingredients on the back, so it is very clear for all to see what is in each item being brought to school.  But at Allie's GF Goodies, our main goal is #nochildleftout. That means that we care about YOUR allergic child.  

We want to make sure that he or she has something fun and/or sweet to look forward to in their lunchbox or backpack, or in the teacher's basket of goodies should there all of a sudden be a surprise celebration that you the parent weren't told about.

Let Allie's GF Goodies help you to make school about learning and fun and not about fear. You take care of the school supplies and we'll take care of the goodies!

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