Allergy Tip #1

We are starting a new blog series where we give out Allergy tips to make sure you know what’s to look out for in order to always feel safe! 


Allergy thought of the day:

I’m finally on “vacation" taking a break from being in the Allie’s facility every day.


Vacation is supposed to be a relaxing time for all families but when leaving your home you need to be on high alert.


I was standing on line waiting to have my omelette made at my hotel in the Bahamas, and I happened to notice the server using latex gloves. 


The staff here are trained to clean the pans between omelettes, and aware enough not to have bread below the bacon in pans to soak up the oil, yet they missed the mark with other equipment. 


There are many people who are allergic to latex, some with allergies so severe they could go into anaphylactic shock simply when their food touches the gloves? And, if these are the gloves used at this station, chances are they are ordered throughout the facility for other stations as well! 


And, while I’m sitting here writing this the next table is talking about food allergies and of course I butt in and mention the latex and guess what? The lady at the table is mortified as she has a latex allergy!!!


When will people learn about providing safe environments for all? Or at least the Food and Beverage industry?

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