I randomly and routinely batch test all of my products.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than putting a smile on people’s faces, seeing them taking in the deliciousness they were previously denied. I know that feeling all too well – when I was 17, I was told I was lactose intolerant. This was back in the late 80s when no one really knew what that meant. I avoided all the obvious foods, but fell consistently sick anyway, throughout my 20s and 30s. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis that things began to improve. I found out I had to avoid not just lactose but many other foods. Label reading, or “creative eating”, became my way of life.

For years, my son couldn’t enjoy cake at birthday parties because he couldn’t eat eggs. I always made sure to bring specially baked treats for him, so he didn’t feel left out. Eventually he outgrew this allergy, but years later my daughter became gluten intolerant in addition to having ulcerative colitis. Because my children have often felt left out, I know what it is like for other parents like me, parents of kids with allergies who feel like they’re missing out on the sheer goodness of baked goodies. It’s why I started a baking business where nobody has to feel excluded from the wonderful world of delicious desserts. Now everyone can have their birthday cake and eat it too—as long as it’s gluten-free! I specialize in recreating delectable, melt-in-your-mouth desserts and baked treats that have no ingredients that are potential allergens. I want everyone to relish these yummy treats, regardless of whether or not gluten is an issue—because they are all absolutely scrumptious!